Thousands of couples face a losing battle against drug addiction every year. These people try their very
best to kick the habits of addiction but are sometimes not able to. Drug addiction is an illness, and you
need someone to guide you through the process. Married couples are like two in a pod. If one of them is
a victim of addiction, the other may well follow them down the rabbit hole.
The same dependency that got you into this problem can get you out as well. Yes, drug rehab for
couples gives married couples the chance to kick their addiction and come out clean and sober.
Remember your vows – in sickness and in health. However, you have won the fight, but the battle still

remains. The first week out of drug rehab for couples is the hardest. You are scared that you might
relapse and slip into old habits. Being stressed and on edge is not a good combination for drug addicts.
Today, we will tell you how you can curb the drug urges and fight the withdrawal symptoms after
getting out of drug rehab for couples:

Be Each Other’s Rock
One of the things that are really hard for recovering addicts is to find a support system. Addicts tend to
alienate the people around them and draw them away because of their behavior. When the couples
decide to embark on the journey of beating this disease together, they have each other to lean on. They
have each other’s unconditional love and support which they can use to fight the drug cravings.
However, since both of you are recovering addicts, it is important that you both have people in your
lives that support you in this journey. You can go to meetings and do a twelve-step program together.
Be each other’s rock in this difficult transition and believe that you will make it through.

Don’t Skip the Therapy Sessions
We have seen so many couples who give up on therapy as soon as they leave the drug rehab for couples
program. That is not the right way. You should always continue with the therapy sessions, both group
and individual. Individual therapy sessions give you a chance to open up as a couple and see what
triggers both your addiction. And with group therapy sessions, you can see how other couples battling
addiction are coping, and make them your inspiration. Therapy gives you the tools to battle this illness,
so make sure you don’t skip your therapy sessions.

Identify the Warning Signs
Leaving drug rehab for couples does not mean that your illness is cured. It means that you have the tools
to cope with your problem and have learned how to defeat it. However, the illness is still there and will
always threaten to break free. You have to identify the warning signs as a couple and make sure you win
this fight.
Every couple has different warning signs. If you feel like you are about to slip into old habits then seek
immediate help. Figure out a way to fight the urges and beat the temptations and help each other out.
When you support each other, you will recover faster.