What are the barriers for good standards of Health and safety in an organisation ?

This is the question which has to be dealt by every employer and safety representative of all the workplaces.There are many barriers to good standards of health safety.

Complexity of the workplace is one of them. A workplace can be a very complicated area, different people performing many different activities with co-ordination of each other.if we require a solution for any particular health and safety issue will be complicated and create hazards for other workers performing a different activities.

An Extensive knowledge about consequences of various course of option that are available, will be required.

Another significant barrier could be a conflicting and competing demands which is often placed upon an organisation or individual. A common conflict of interest is demanding service or a product at an appropriate speed so as to make a profit and the need to do so safely without health risk.

Another conflict can be created by need to comply with different standards at a same time like health and safety standards as well as environmental protection laws.

The last but not the least which is very commonly seen in every workplace is behaviour of the workers. Good standards of health and safety often rely on perfect behaviour of the individual and people some time do not behave is this ideal way.

Solution to health and safety problem usually requires a worker to behave in particular way e.g a worker on the construction site has to wear his hard hat to protect himself from dropping objects but people are not robot they do not behave all the time as they are suppose to behave.

Some time they make mistakes they do the wrong things thinking that they are doing the right thing at other time they deliberately do the wrong things, knowing that it is the wrong thing to do but doing it anyway. Fact is that human behavior is have a significant role in good standards of health and safety.